‘Cultural’ Differences

One of the great ‘ joys’ (pun intended) of living and working in a place other than where you were born, or raised, or even educated, is getting used to the work ethic there.

Granted: some of the issues you face may be because of *you* – i.e., your own professional and cultural values are a mix of this and that, and therefore not realistic in terms of a new environment.

But sometimes the differences one faces are purely cultural – for instance, being educated in a liberal arts tradition, where everything is open to question, and then moving to work in a place with less open social values.

Or, for instance, being trained professionally in a much more advanced environment than where one ends up. Admittedly, it is this background and training that gets one there in the first place – the new employer valuing the skills learnt elsewhere, and hoping for a communication of those same values and ethics.

But any organisation is made up of parts, which don’t always add up to the whole. Barring a boring post on organisational behaviour, let me just say that things can get  challenging for a modern-day nomad in such diverse environments. I guess reading cultural cues and expectations is not something one learns in fancy-pants school!