I once heard that only 3% of the worlds population migrates. In that, at any one time, there are about 1 million Australians out of the country. I’m one of them.

Born and raised in Australia, I decided at age 16 I needed to go to the best place in the world to play Ice Hockey: Canada. That led me to the US, to the UN, then to find out where I was from exactly, to Turkey. During this journey, I’ve seen remnants of war in Iraq  – that of 19 years ago and last year, poverty as I’d never imagined in Pakistan, the most gracious hospitality from people in rural Azerbaijan, a love and longing for Russia contrary to everything I’d heard or read about it from the remnants of Cold-War biases, a stare-down with a tiger on a rehabilitation reserve in South Africa (yes really) – and if it wasn’t for that cyclone fencing in between us, I probably wouldn’t be writing this.  For years I asked myself where ‘home’ was exactly. Home turns out to be not one place, but wherever you go, you make it your own.

It seems I know quite a few fellow travelers in that 3%, which has become my world, my reference point. This blog connects and shares some of those people, thoughts and stories.


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