The unofficial dedication.

Just before handing in my dissertation aka the “Coraline shot”

Regular dedications don’t really give you space to say what you’re thankful for, or reflect on how difficult the journey has been. But a blog post does. So here is my unofficial dedication since submitting my dissertation this afternoon – the last piece of coursework for my degree at the LSE. The journey took 3 years, I learnt a lot and am happy to say my dissertation was truly a labour of love. More on that later.

Above all else, to my mother Ibtisam Dogramaci. Her name stems from the Arabic “tebessum,” to smile. She smiles inside and out and helped me through all the days, including some very dark ones. Mums have some kind of contract for motherly care and other responsibilities. My mum consistently went above and beyond. If you’ve met my mum you know what I mean.

Before my great uncle passed away, one of the pieces of advice he gave me was to be strong in my knowledge of Ottoman history. I didn’t quite understand then, but now I do. To the memory of Ihsan Dogramaci.

To my American ‘parentals’ Todd and Louise and Canadian one Linda.

To my friends from the class of 2010-2011. I would have loved to have finished the year with you and my best memories at LSE include you. Though we couldn’t finish together, thank you for the friendship and guidance since.

A special mention to Miran for proof reading almost everything and teaching me the LSE way. To Michele for reminding me the process should be fun, not stressful.

To some cool staff and faculty in Media and Communications. You know who you are.

To my friends from the 2012-13 class, thank you for the lively debates, especially in MC401.

A special mention to Maria because you’re just awesome, everyday with you was a good day. Thank you for being my friend.

To my ‘Russkie soldatis’ and friends in Turkey.

To Manu for your humour, guidance and honesty.

Thank you to Fleet River Bakery for nurturing my mornings with caffeine then my new finds Free State Coffee and New Row Coffee. New Row’ers, you guys are by far my favourite and the best mornings were those which began with you. There were some very difficult days, but to sit in the sun by the big windows with a cup of joe, almond croissant with good morning smiles and happy conversations sometimes made all the difference.

To Good Vibes yoga, especially Natasha for keeping me flexible – here’s proof.

To Walk in Backrub for being  my self imposed Friday afternoon treat.

To minions for just making life better.

Thanks to all the central London gyms for giving me free passes. My tour of London gyms continues.

To anyone I’ve missed but should be here, send me an email along the lines “hey, why aren’t I in there!” and I’ll edit the post.

A special mention goes to my AJ friends from Doha and Istanbul. A few names need to be singled out.

Dina – you kept me on point in the days where I was truly nervous and didn’t believe I could make it.

Farhan & Sterling – for laughs that sustained beyond our time together

Sohail & Ghania – for keeping it fancy

Aksel – for being my bro

and of course,

to Osama, the one I love.


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