Today is 3 years since my great uncle passed away. There are extraordinary people in this world. And there is nothing stopping each of us from being one of them.

Musings of Modern Day Nomads

A quick glance over the site stats reveal what we know to be true already – a lull of late. Many of you know, but on the morning of Feb 25th, my great uncle passed away… it was a huge loss, not just to me and family but to many communities, some links posted below. What I’ve included  is part of the thank you letter I sent out to everyone who offered condolences. Incidentally, I’ve been looking to get in touch with Olivier Brasseur without success. My UNFPA leads haven’t managed to trace him either. Any help would be much appreciated….

Bilkent News coverageBilkent, History of an Idea (click on the 6th video down – its in English/Turkish) A glimpse of some of the condolences via  the International Childrens Center
The name Ihsan, may be translated to ‘beneficence’, which is defined as (of a person) generous, or doing good…

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