The levels of “InshAllah”

Anyone who has spent time in Arab countries especially, has met with “InshAllah”, translated to God willing.

Need a cab? Call 45 minutes in advance and ask if the cab will arrive on time? “InshAllah”

Call again to see when it will arrive…after 10 minutes? “Ohhhh k InshAllah”

I’ve been working 10 hours a day for the past 3 weeks. Will I leave on time today? “InshAllah” -or- I’ve only had one day off in the last 4 weeks. Will I have a weekend this time? “InshAllah”

Will I make my flight with 10 minutes til boarding closes, despite the fact I’ve been standing in the immigration line for 30 minutes for you to tell me I have no exit visa, despite this document I gave you with various stamps and signatures? “InshAllah”

Will my magazine subscription that I paid 3 times more for so it would be delivered to a country outside the EU arrive? “InshAllah”

Will I be paid this month? “InshAllah”. Ok, then will I be paid on time? “InshAllah”

Did you get my salad right this time after I sent it back 3 times already? “InshAllah”

All true.

So, in order to manage expectations, please meet the levels of InshAllah. Let’s apply this to whether or not you will for instance be able to access a building you need a gate pass for.

InshAllah level 1: We are going to do everything in power to make this happen. Paperwork is all done, everything is processed, you will enter the building.

InshAllah level 2: We have all the paperwork done, everything is processed, you are going to have to wait, maybe 2 hours in 40 degrees heat, but you will enter the building eventually.

InshAllah level 3: We received all the paperwork, we received many phone calls from lots of people, including important people – not that it matters, you are going to have to wait, maybe 2 hours, maybe more, we would really like you to access the building, but, its not going to happen.

And really, these levels can be applied to pretty much anything. InshAllah.

From Istanbul with Love


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