Only talented people fret about mediocrity

Hugh McLeod does it again.This cartoon titled ‘Talented’, Hugh writes

“One of my favorite cartoons ever is a strip from Charlie Brown. Linus, the smartest of the Peanuts gang, has just received his first “B” ever on his report card, and now here he is, age six, fretting away about not getting into the college of his choice. “I am burdened by a great potential,” he exclaims. I couldn’t have put it any better. God knows I’ve tried.”

His daily cartoons make so many of my days. Join the fun


One thought on “Only talented people fret about mediocrity

  1. not saying I’m necessarily talented but I do fret about mediocrity alot and whether or not I’ve been able to rise above it. When I go back and read a lot of my work, I’m afraid I believe I have not risen high enough

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