Just for fun, no but seriously

Echoing on from lojo’s dream post, comes this GapingVoid installment. The message with the daily cartoon read: “So what is the Number One cause of people not following their dreams? Fear of failure.

Sure, failure can be tragic. But never taking a risk in the first place is even more tragic. Life is short; and never completely safe. You have been warned.”

Reading this and seeing the cartoon brought a smile that lojo and I are actually doing this – we are taking the risk, we have been reminded, and know of the shortness of life, having both had family losses in the recent past. We don’t fear failing – I don’t even think the topic has even crossed our minds our conversations. It’s more like, ok which idea do we pick? Fortunately, other dreamers have fallen into just the role we needed, each at the perfect time, and in doing so, we are inspired.


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