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Since I haven’t been working since the start of the year, apart from structuring a ‘work day’ consisting of job applications, follow up with contacts, dabbling in new projects and so on, I have rediscovered and am enjoying life’s little luxuries. Granted during full-time work, I do my best to do these things to, but regaining 12.5 hours per week from commuting has freed up some time to enjoy:

– Closing my sleep deficit
– Going to the gym during the daylight hours fresh and awake, and thus watch various snow sports on the screens versus the snooker and sitcom evening offerings
– Taking the time to make good food (thank you to the New Laurel’s Kitchen, one of the 2 cookbooks I own – you only need that many or so, and Italy for the inspiration)
– Spending time with my ma. That’s probably the most important one. Weekends would typically come around where I’d be exhausted and not even leave my house even to walk the 1km to visit her but without work and commute stress this has changed.

My computer graphics card also decided to tank in the first week of the new year, to which my friend Manail, voice of wisdom wrote, ‘Its an enforced period of contemplation from the gods. Take advantage of it.’ My American paternal Todd concurred. We spend so much time on the emotional and rational parts of our lives, but what about the spiritual? After considering Eddie Izzards arguments during his Stripped show on religion and living in a country where secularism and religion come to the edge of their respective cliffs now and then, where is the time to think and deal with the big life questions?

About 2 weeks in, here are a couple realities:
– Life is too short not to do what makes you happy (for me = Ice Hockey, Snow + mountains hence joyous reference to snow sports above)
– The energy you put into the world is what you get back, this includes your spiritual investment

So, are you doing what makes you happy?


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